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EOORC Community of Faith Self-Assessment Checklist


The Manual 2024 sets out the responsibility for Communities of Faith to do self-assessments, as stated in G.1.2.2:

Congregations and other communities of faith are responsible for doing self- assessments of their ministry regularly. They must reflect on their understanding of their identity and their community context.

They may consider

  1. a)  their accomplishments;
  2. b)  the present opportunities and challenges; and
  3. c)  the resources required for meeting those opportunities and challenges.

They must file a report of the self-assessment with the regional council. The regional council participates as a partner in this review, offering resources and support from the wider church.


In keeping with this responsibility, EOORC has created this checklist to assist Communities of Faith with their ministry assessment. You may find that not all items are current. If this is the case, please use this assessment as a reminder of those items you may work toward and set goals to complete. The Governing Body is responsible for overseeing that these items are reviewed annually and submitted to the region. They may also add items which are important to their context and ministry.

You can download the PDF, fill it out, scan it and send to Rev Whit Strong, Pastoral Relations Minister wstrong@united-church.ca: EOORC Community of Faith Self Assessment


You can fill out the form online (below) and when completed, it will be sent directly to Rev. Strong.

You can also print the PDF and use it as a working copy before you fill in the online form.