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Networks, while not formal governance bodies, are central to the living out of the faith of the United Church. Their purpose is to link people working on specific issues or for project work that functions through the whole church, depending on the issue.

EOORC Networks

Since UCC restructuring in January 2019, a number of regional networks have begun to take shape.

  • Healing Pathway (a regional network within the national Healing Pathway Program) Contact: Sharon Moon, sharonmoon45@gmail.com or Howard Clark, healingpathwayeast@gmail.com
  • Housing Matters (Affordable Housing)Housing Matters Network
  • Right Relations Network
  • Social Justice Network
  • Social Justice Network of Ontario Regions (SJNOR). Contact Charles Barrett, Chair, charles.barrett25@yahoo.ca
  • Refugee Sponsorship A new email group has been formed for EOORC churches and partner groups that are involved in Refugee Sponsorship. This group is an attempt to have a place to exchange information, and perhaps coordinate or collaborate on sponsorship requests. The initial response has been positive and the group is sharing information such as upcoming seminars, sponsorship’s progress etc. Periodic newsletters will contain these bits of information and updates on National SAH, IRCC and overseas activities (e.g. visa posts, travel). If any church, faith community or sponsorship group wishes to be part of this information sharing, please contact the moderator – tomschwarzkopf@outlook.com
  • United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel, EOORC chapter
  • Urban Indigenous Network. Contact Teresa Burnett-Cole, gsj@gmail.com