c/o First United Church 347 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E7

2024 EOORC Annual General Meeting

Invitation - English

We have this ministry… a ministry that is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. As a Regional Council, we have decided to take a moment at our Annual General Meeting to look back and to look forward on the unique contributions and ministry of the United Church.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the unique public witness of the United Church of Canada. The ways that the church has led prayerfully, theologically, and socially. We will be looking at how our understanding of what it means to serve God has evolved over the years and how we might imagine what our unique public witness might look like into the future.

We will celebrate our history and imagine our future together by looking at our understanding of worship and evangelism. We will have a worship showcase to experience innovative ways to feel God’s presence. We will learn and explore what evangelism could look like within a United Church context.

Join us at this very special gathering to launch the 100th anniversary year of this United Church of ours.

Invitation - en français

Nous avons ce ministère…un ministère qui va bientôt fêter ses 100 ans. Comme conseil régional, nous avons décidé de prendre du temps ensemble lors de notre rencontre annuelle pour accueillir ensemble le centenaire de l’Église Unie du Canada, dans la réflexion et dans l’espoir. Nous allons redécouvrir notre histoire et regarder vers l’avenir de l’Église Unie du Canada, avec son ministère et ses contributions à partager.

Nous vous invitons à venir célébrer avec nous le témoignage collectif et singulier de l’Église Unie du Canada. Nous allons explorer les voies par lesquelles cette Église a partagé la foi chrétienne, dans la prière et avec une ouverture au monde contemporain. Nous allons nous poser des questions : Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire, servir Dieu? Comment est-ce que nos ancêtres dans la foi comprenaient ce ministère? Comment est-ce que nous pouvons partager un témoignage collectif et singulier, maintenant et dans l’avenir?

Nous allons célébrer notre histoire et imaginer notre avenir ensemble, en examinant nos façons de louer Dieu et de partager la Bonne Nouvelle. En louant Dieu à travers de célébrations liturgiques spéciales, nous allons découvrir de nouvelles façons de venir dans la présence de Dieu. Nous allons explorer l’évangélisme dans notre Église Unie du Canada, découvrant du potentiel pour l’évangélisme maintenant et dans l’avenir. Nous vous invitons à venir apprendre et louer Dieu avec nous lors de cette célébration singulière pour accueillir ensemble le centenaire de l’Église Unie du Canada.


You can find the most recent draft agenda here.


Travel Claims - New Process

For those anticipating submitting a travel claim, our Treasurer, Rev. Brian Cornelius, would appreciate receiving transfer information prior to the meeting so that there can be a timely payment of travel. 

The Regional Council is no longer paying expenses using cheques except in exceptional circumstances.   The preferred way to pay expenses is through Electronic Funds Transfer from the Regional Council bank account to recipient’s bank account.  The other option is through e-transfer.   For Bank Transfer, Bank Name and Number, Branch transit Number, and Bank Account is needed.   By e-transfer, please indicate the email at which you would like to receive the e-transfer.  Information can be forwarded to treasurer.eoorc@gmail.com. 

There will be a mileage sheet for you to fill in during the meeting.

Book Table

Book Exchange at the AGM: As requested by some participants, a space will be set up for a free book exchange.  Would you like to share books that you’ve read and found helpful or inspiring?  Bring up to five books that are: • Devotional • Bible related • Christian-themed • Theological and/or spiritual.  Please be prepared to take home any of your books that are left on the table.

Accomodations in Ottawa

You will need to book your own accommodations. Since Ottawa is a large city with many options for hotels, we do not have a block of rooms booked at any particular hotel. If you would like to find a hotel near the meeting site, the address is Trinity United Church, 1099 Maitland Ave, Ottawa, ON K2C 2B8. Several of the local colleges and universities offer rooms or suites for rent in the summer months, often at very reasonable rates.


Registration is now closed. If you still need to register, you can write to Natalie Matkovsky (nmatkovsky@united-church.ca). Depending on availability of space and how close we are to the meeting, it may still be possible to attend the meeting in-person (if you bring your own food) or online. Please write to Natalie to see if this might be possible.