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Righting Relations Network

The Righting Relations Network (RRN) has been growing since the spring of 2019, and was initiated by a study of the Calls to the Church, the Indigenous Church’s vision for itself within the United Church of Canada, followed by a discussion about a book written by a Metis scholar on land acknowledgements. Over ninety people from all corners of the region participated in these activities.

Most recently, with the assistance of Rev. Dr. Peter Bartlett, we have been discerning our call and vision as a Network. Our reflections are depicted in the diagram above. We agreed we are first and foremost learners in the work of righting relations.

Our new moderator, Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, is prioritizing reparation to the Indigenous peoples of this land. At GC 44, a process for creating a truly autonomous Indigenous church was put in place. These are exciting and important times!

We invite you to join us on this journey. We welcome more and more diverse voices – rural and urban, young and old, Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Please direct any inquiries to: rightingrelations@gmail.com


Check back later for 2024 events.

An Open Letter to EOORC Communities of Faith

Download PDF of this letter: EOORC- RRN Letter to Communities of Faith

January 16, 2023

Calling all EOORC congregants & clergy!

We have a new network!

The Righting Relations Network (RRN) is a hub for sharing resources, ideas, questions, and furthering learning opportunities in the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional regarding Righting Relations between descendants of ‘Settlers’ & Newcomers, and those of Indigenous ancestry.

Many congregations have been actively responding to Call to Action #59 from the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) to educate themselves and further understanding of such things as the Indian Act, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the impact of a Eurocentric dominant culture on Indigenous peoples, and how to take steps to decolonize ‘church’. We have collectively benefitted from living on stolen land. What reparations can the churches make? Perhaps the RRN can help congregations to support each other on the journey to Righting Relations.

There are many ways to raise awareness of Indigenous issues within our congregations, and to further education within our Region. Perhaps your communities of faith have suggestions to share through the RRN of how to respectfully mark these designated days:

  • January 4Ribbon Skirt Day marking the right for Indigenous peoples to wear traditional dress without being further discriminated against
  • May 5Red Dress Day commemorating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls & Two Spirit People (MMIW2S+)
  • June 21National Indigenous Peoples’ Day of Prayer, within the entire month of June which is Indigenous History Month, recognizing the contributions of Indigenous, Inuit, & Métis Peoples
  • September 30National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day) commemorating those impacted by the Indian Residential School system, and the Child & Family Welfare System

The Righting Relations Network hopes to:

  • link congregations with each other, as the Region journeys towards decolonization
  • offer suggested books, movies, webinars and courses for individuals and/or group discussion, to expand awareness of Indigenous issues
  • consider what liturgical practices might be useful in becoming more engaged as an intercultural church
  • coordinate webinars with guest speakers

Stay tuned for more from EOORC’s newest network…the Righting Relations Network!

Visit the RRN Webpage to learn more about

  • Our Call
  • Our Vision
  • Our Goal


Video of Inaugural Event - An Evening With Rev Teresa Burnett-Cole

On January 26, 2023, Rev. Teresa Burnett-Cole presented on the topic, The Gifts of Indigenous Worship for Settler Churches. Rev. Burnett-Cole’s presentation was warmly received by more than 100 attendees on Zoom. This was the inaugural event of the Righting Relations Network. You can watch the video of Rev. Burnett-Cole’s presentation HERE.


Remit 1 Information Session – October 4, 2023 In this video, Rev. Éric Hébert-Daly, Executive Minister for EOORC, ECORC and CrNRC and The Rev. Dr. Teresa Burnett-Cole, lead a discussion on Remit 1: Establishing an autonomous national indigenous organization. The discussion includes the history behind the Remit, the implications for voting, and what is being asked of your community of faith.