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Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs)

For a current list of LLWLs in the EOORC contact Whit Strong or Natalie Matkovsky

Many lay people are called to courageously step forward to give leadership in worship. Those who participate in a Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL) program are choosing to develop their leadership gifts further.

In the Licensed Lay Worship Leader program, the United Church has recognized a need for people to be supported through a training and licensing program. This gives both the lay leader and the community of faith confidence that their leadership is built upon a strong theological and biblical foundation that is consistent with the ethos of the United Church.

A licensed lay worship leader is a full member who has been determined to have gifts and a sense of call to the ministry of worship leadership and preaching, and who has developed these gifts through participation in a course of study and is licensed by a regional council.

LLWLs are not eligible for appointment to any paid accountable ministry personnel position. LLWLs are not eligible, by virtue of their licence, to preside at the sacraments or to wear vestments. Read more.

Download:LLWL Policy and Guidelines 2019