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Funding Sources



Did you know …

United Church Communities of Faith  receive over $2.4 million in grants each year?

Did you know that all of that goes to the only six percent of congregations who actively apply for these grants?

This page will help EOORC Communities of Faith find sources of funding for your projects and church maintenance.

Church Extension Committee

The Church Extension Committee provides ongoing support for the Communities of Faith in the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Region with respect to their physical assets and facilities.  The Committee provides advice and assistance with respect to:

  • new buildings, land and facilities for the purpose of establishing new congregations;
  • renovations and upgrades to buildings, equipment and facilities and disposal and demolition of buildings and facilities;
  • providing suggestions and advice regarding ways to approach and finance their projects;
  • providing financial guidance and support through grants, loans or mortgages to cover a portion of the costs; and,
  • to manage the financial assets and land holding entrusted to the corporation.

In November 2021, the Committee revised its policy for grants available to Communities of Faith.

A description of the Committee’s role and activities in fulfilling its mandate, and the services it provides:Church-Extension-Committee-Role-Activities-Support-for-Communities-of-Faith

Guidance for Communities of Faith who wish to apply to the Committee: Church-Extension-Committee-–-Guidance-for-Applicants

Contact Judy Harms-Potter, Church Extension Committee Secretary at jharms.potter@gmail.com for information


Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants are all about providing funding to ideas that haven’t received seed funding in the past. This could mean the fledgling idea has started to be experimented with or the idea itself is in its infancy. Before sitting down to fill out the application, you should connect with a staff member from Embracing the Spirit to have a consultation. Visit the Innovation Grants site.


Mission Support and Regional Council Grant 2020

Scrivens/Baillie Grants

Scrivens and Baillie funds  support youth ministry in the EOORC. Contact: Michael Harris, michael_harris1@live.ca

Read the brochure about Scrivens/Baillie Grants: Scrivens Brochure

Vision and Transformation Funding

This funding supports Communities of Faith seeking to engage in new ministry projects to enhance their presence in the community. Applications are open to a variety of demographic and program areas to facilitate creativity in the local Community of Faith.

Woodwark Student Bursary

The Woodwark Student Bursary Fund was established in 1976 by the Reverend Ken Woodwark and his wife Ida in memory of their parents George and Emma Woodwark and George and Katie McDowell. Reverend Woodwark was a Minister at Woodroffe United Church in Ottawa. Interested students should send a letter of interest accompanied by a CV to: Treasurer, Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa, ON K2A 3V1 treasurer@woodroffeunited.org