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EOORC Inaugural Meeting

A New Day Is Dawning

The inaugural of Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council will be held in Smiths Falls, Ontario on Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th at the Memorial Community Centre, 71 Cornelia Street (view on Google Maps).  A Celebration of Ministry Service will be held at Trinity United Church, 41 Market Street North (view on Google Maps) at 10 AM Sunday, June 9th.

Registration and fellowship will begin at 9 AM and the meeting will open with worship at 10 AM.

To register, please click here.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please contact ajansman@united-church.ca for more information.

An Invitation from our Co-chairs

Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council! While some Regional Councils across the country look a lot like their former Conferences ours is a very new formation with four Presbyteries coming together from two Conferences and two Provinces. We invite you join us!

The theme of our meeting, A New Day is Dawning, reflects a new beginning, with a promise of hope and light for our future. The weekend will be an opportunity covenant together, to make new connections, to renew friendships, to make decisions, to engage in conversation about clusters and networks and to think about where you can fit in as an individual and as a community of faith so that together we might enliven our faith in Christ and continue to make a difference in the world.

— Elaine Beattie and Kimberly Heath, Co-chairs, Organizing Committee


Meeting Agenda

Inaugural Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council Inaugural Meeting
“A New Day is Dawning”

Please click to see the agenda

EOORC Inaugural Meeting AGENDA



Youth Program

Youth at Inaugural Meeting will meet for a day of learning and engaging in conversation and action to help deepen our faith through community and connection. For more information, please contact Dana Ducette, Minister, Youth and Young Adults.

Candidates for UCC Ministry

Terrie Chedore 

I am a candidate for Diaconal Ministry in the United Church of Canada. I joined the UCC in 1990 where I began a slow but steady journey towards ministry. I am also a visual artist – a diaconal artist. From my perspective, Diaconal Ministry is best described — not as a role or a way of doing ministry — but as a particular way of viewing the world. This lends a creative and imaginative approach to life and our Christian journey — a perspective that has served me well. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring those two pieces of my life (the faithful follower and the visual artist) together in a rich and diverse ministry as a Diaconal Minister in the United Church of Canada. Terrie Cedore’s Video


John Noordhof

I was born and raised in Strathroy, Ontario, the youngest of six children born to immigrant parents from the Netherlands. We were a very religious family, attending church regularly. The faith of my upbringing became my own. After watching the movie, The Mission, I accepted the call to ministry. In 1992 I was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church and served three churches: Dresden ON, Iron Springs, AB and Williamsburg ON, before seeking admission into the United Church of Canada. Currently, I am serving an appointment with the St. Lawrence Pastoral Charge. I am a philatelist, a bit of a cyclist and a birder, as well as having the desire to travel.  John Noordhof’s Video



Worship Service and Sermon for Communities of Faith — June 9, 2019

Worship & Sermon during Inaugural Meeting PDF


EOORC Report Book

Please click to open the PDF

EOORC 2019 Report Book

Tri-partite Covenant

Please click to open the EOORC Tripartite Covenant – Ministries in French – Second draft for review by Eastern Ontario Outaouais

Live Stream

The Celebration of Service June 9 is live streaming HERE
The EOORC Inaugural Meeting is live streaming HERE.

Get Ready For The Meeting!

Here are a few things you can do and be aware of to make your time at the EOORC Inaugural Meeting a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience.

We Want Your Dirt! For the Covenanting Service at Smiths Falls on Friday morning, we ask that you bring a small (eg. pill bottle size) amount of soil from your community of faith to blend with others during the liturgy of covenant.  We celebrate the land in which we are rooted and out of which we grow!

Wear your vestments! We are hoping to start a new tradition with our Celebration of Ministry Service on June 9th at Trinity United Church in Smiths Falls.  You are invited to vest in your liturgical robes and stoles for the service. Understandably, it may be warm, given it’s a June Sunday, so if you choose not to wear an alb or another gown, please consider wearing a stole.  As it is the Day of Pentecost – a red stole would be most appropriate – however, any stole would be welcome.

Please bring your own:

  • Lug-a-mug
  • water bottle (we will not be providing bottled water; tap water is available)
  • chair cushion, if required.

The EOORC Inaugural Meeting is a scent-free and nut-free zone.

WIFI There will be WIFI at the arena, as well as a table with power where people will be able to charge their devices. This charging area will be unsupervised so security for the devices cannot be guaranteed. You will be responsible for your own devices.

Photographers and videographers will be on hand to record the events of the day. If you do not wish to appear on video or in a photograph, please let a steward know.

Trinity United Church, Smiths Falls is hosting a Family Film Night on Friday evening. This includes a light meal at 5:00 p.m. Doors open about 4:30. Please RSVP by Monday, June 3rd if you wish to attend: 613-283-4444.

Spirit of the Drum Pow Wow Sunrise Ceremony is on Sunday morning, June 9, on Turtle Island, off Abbott St., Smiths Falls. Service begins at 5:00 a.m. All are welcome. Free parking close by.