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When have you experienced a wonderful welcome at church? How can we provide a warm welcome to those who visit our congregations? What are some practical steps we can take?

These are questions that we have been exploring in EOORC. Our winter educational event had a theme of “Strengthening the Invitation.” The Regional Council produced a helpful checklist for communities of faith to complete. A “mystery visitor” will be visiting each and every congregation in EOORC to help give feedback on how we are (or are not) welcoming newcomers.

Growth Animator Tori Mullin recently wrote a blog post about their family’s experience of being warmly welcomed when visiting a new church. It has some especially great ideas for welcoming children in church.

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. What are some great things that your congregations are doing to welcome others? Is there a time when you have felt warmly welcomed in a new community of faith? We would love your ideas! Please share in the comments below. A selection of the ideas will be shared in an upcoming newsletter.